Versace spring-summer 2020 Milan fashion week

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Exactly 20 years ago, at the Grammy ceremony, Jennifer Lopez made a splash when she appeared in a revealing Versace dress with a bright tropical print. It was he who became the “main character” of the new spring-summer collection of the brand.

Donatella Versace did not exactly reproduce the “jungle” of 2000, but, taking them as a basis, created several variations on the theme. The most spectacular embodiment of the tropics on fabric was the dress in which the Jay Law show closed - a long one, with a neckline to the waist and a skirt cut to the waist, it looked even more sexy and no less spectacular than its “prototype”.

In addition to “tropical” dresses and suits, the collection had many mini-dresses and short skirts, jeans jackets and sheath dresses, long sleeves and tops with tie-dye prints, neon blouses and raincoats - all in the best traditions of the late 90s.

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