Alexandro Querevalú - Silvermoon Secret

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Music video by Alexandro Querevalú performing Silvermoon Secret
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Composed by Mario Spindler

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Silvermoon Secret

“Sweet grass extends across a land where vibrations are carried through the air and whispers of a secret beauty reigning of the sounds of Alexandro Querevalú, as he plays exquisite melodies in perfection and harmony with the universe on sacred traditional Andean flutes. The songs of ancient sounds awaken a mystical ancient world of beauty, pristine nature, serene rivers, majestic mountains, and birds freely soar with awe in the sky above all in the perfect harmony and dance of universal rhythms. Alexandro’s music takes me to a place where I can be free and let my spirit soar above the sky and allow my heart to open to all that is to Love. Thank you/Mahalo/Gracias Alexandro for reminding me of a magnificent world that exists and sometimes, more often than not is forgotten and as I listen to the Silvermoon Secret, this songs brings me back to life and to a world of peace as I become one and begin to harmonize with a world of peace and in perfect harmony. Thank you Alexandro your music goes beyond this world and is like a compass back to spirituality and unconditional, universal Love…. We are all One!”

Alexandro Querevalú - TIMELESS

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